Thursday, 19 September 2013

Various Amigurumi sold at Etalasepreneur

 ...:: Various Amigurumi ::... 

Oppsss..... its already 2 months pass since my last post, it just because i'm still working as an employee somewhere, so really have not much time to do the posting.. **Finally i have time to post it now :-p**
Here is my amigurumi products during this 2 months :-p
Most of the products had been sold out **Thankful!! --- so Happy ^,^**

These are my own designed Colorful Minion series,,It look strange ya,, the leg is attached on the shirt.. Hehee.... :-p

See also my Minion with mini skirt, CUTE!! :)

And Here below is my new product, it will be displayed at etalasepreneur - Emporium Mall by today!!^^

And below here "Lucky Bird Family" is the order from my customer, it will also be displayed at etalasepreneur - Emporium mall by next week... ^^
Find the Pattern Here (Bahasa Indonesia only)

Oh ya...maybe most of you dont know etalasepreneur yet...
Etalasepreneur is an "etalase" shop who provide the display box for you to display your product... they also sell your product on the very helpful for us, **at least for me**
If you are interested, you may visit them at

Thank you for visiting my blog^^

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